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Located approximately 29,000 miles from where you are right now, this celestial satellite was caught in earth’s gravitational orbit some 4.5 billion years ago.Science tells us the moon is linked to our planet’s flow of tides, human hormones and female menstrual cycles.Later in this piece, I’ve expanded on these characteristics in greater detail.In the traditions of horoscopic astrology, Cancer is considered the “Fourth House” of the astrological universe.These include: If you are wondering what a “water sign” means, I’ll tell you straight out. For our purposes, Cancer males are deep – like the oceans they live in.The mystics assigned each of the Zodiacs a symbolic element. This is how they are able to feel and intuit so much in others.A “house” is nothing more than a theoretical construct that holds certain traits.

Visitors to Guy Counseling know that from time to time, I will pen articles on the Zodiac signs as a way of encouraging personal insight.

If you were to open the door to the Fourth House and walk inside, you will feel the presence of warm, nurturing energy.

Additionally, you would intuit that you are welcomed and feel a sense of love.

Cancer Zodiac signs are born between June 22 – July 22.

If you are a Cancer or know a man who is, be aware he is a water sign.

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