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They're deep in conversation, the mic in Zhou Mi's hand down by Zhou Mi's left calf, and as far away from him and Kyuhyun as Zhou Mi can get it.

Siwon and Sungmin are both watching Kyuhyun with suspicion, but Zhou Mi is laughing, head thrown back to expose his long neck.

The problem is, Kyuhyun takes the aisle seat next to Henry and spends the first hour of the plane ride pretending he isn't freaking out over meeting Zhou Mi.

Ryeowook is too far away to be any help, and when Henry waggles his eyebrows at Siwon, Siwon just smiles back in confusion.

So Henry knows about the embarrassing number of pictures of Zhou Mi that Kyuhyun has on his phone.

Henry also knows about ten of Zhou Mi's songs by heart because Kyuhyun likes to leave his Itouch on at night, and because Kyuhyun will sing nothing else but Zhou Mi's songs when they're in China.

If Henry tried hard enough, he could probably name all of Zhou Mi's albums, and summarize about five episodes of , the show Zhou Mi MCs.

But Kyuhyun is scary on good days, so neither Henry, nor the others say anything about the slight obsession Kyuhyun seems to have with Zhou Mi.-When SM tells SJM that they're going to promote their first album, , in an interview with Zhou Mi, Kyuhyun goes pale.

I also took some artistic liberties with some translation, and though I tried to credit as much as possible, if there is anything that belongs to anyone, let me know and I can link back as appropriate.

Although, AO3 is awesome and there doesn't seem to be a problem with anything loading or moving.

This story is told from Henry's POV, just in case that's a no for anyone.

Join the hundreds of single Zhejiang Muslims already online finding love and friendship with single Muslims in Hang Zhou!

Many thanks to sunshineinwriting for being an absolute awesome beta.

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