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What was funny was the ubiquitous Jews didn't deny it -- they only insisted that Mandy could take care of herself.He is pretty skeevy in general: Does Zach Braff have a casting couch?

(And I make sure to turn around on my birthday to see my shadow.) If you’re over 50 and on antidepressants, look out – you might be doubling your risk for osteoporosis. Depressed for no reason,’ the 22-year-old actress-singer says in an interview in the February issue of Jane magazine, on newsstands Tuesday.Back in the USENET days when Zach was on Scrubs and dating Mandy Moore, there was a post on alt.gossip.celebrities about how he was beating up on Mandy.Since his show was built all around the premise of the ugly little doctor sleeping with all the blonde girls, we wondered if he were mental.I personally cannot "judge" which person is being the more selfish.I wouldn't want my worst enemy to have to endure that pain, day in day out, and to know that the only reason they are keeping themselves alive is for my benefit.

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  1. But I know for sure that New Yorkers love to escape our busy city for a little travel, and that Miami dwellers for the most part are always up for a little dancing. If you agree or disagree strongly with any of these, let us know which!