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It’s a lament we’ve all heard (and probably uttered) before: Dating in L. Big and Carrie, Edward and Bella—because they make for sexier stories than safe relationships, so we think that love should feel obsessive.

If our prospects aren’t flaky, they’re superficial; if they’re not posing with a tiger in their Tinder profile, they’re morally opposed to traveling more than three miles for a date. There is some sort of method to the madness, at least according to L. We see passionate-but-toxic relationships on TV and in films—Mr.

To the extent that anyone on the show is looking for love, they’re doing so casually, nonaggressively, realistically. First dates are inherently dramatic, even when they’re dull.

The atmospheric nerves — choosing an outfit, worrying you’ve said something dumb — easily create enough tension to carry a 30-minute television show.

It simply follows a person going on five blind dates over the course of a week, and then choosing one person to go out with again.

The five dates must know they’re being judged against one another, but the show avoids acknowledging this, and the dater’s deliberations are never shown.

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Its repeat cameo here is a way to signify romance, even where no romance was present; whether its appearance was noticed naturally by the daters or pointed out by the producers, it functions as a symbol of a symbol, inspiring the young not-lovers to go through the motions.

The importance of compatibility reinforces the sense that love can be found through a formula or a checklist; the idea is as seductive as anyone on this show.

What’s most revealing about “Dating Around,” though, is the way it’s structured.

The lead dater wears the same outfit and eats five different meals at the same restaurant.

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Like keeping up with a decent TV show, it’s at least something to do.

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