Xbox 360 turned off while updating

Not only does this spoil the time you set aside for gaming, but it also — thanks to the Xbox One’s diverse media functionality — has potentially sidelined your entire media center.You’re now experiencing the frustration of dropping hundreds of dollars on a malfunctioning Xbox One.

In its hour-long Xbox One presentation, Microsoft blazed through announcements for its new next-generation console, including one ostensibly important feature that may raise some eyebrows: the new Xbox will always be listening to you, even when it's turned off.Update: A Microsoft spokesperson responded to our inquiry with the following statement.The new Kinect is listening for a specific cue, like ‘Xbox on.’ We know our customers want and expect strong privacy protections to be built into our products, devices and services, and for companies to be responsible stewards of their data.This is no consolation if your Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Xbox One X is out of commission.Thankfully, our guide covers the common problems associated with the console, along with a few solutions.

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You may have better luck just contacting Microsoft through phone or live chat.

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