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She was 1997's Beyoncé, a show-stopping pop hit factory (NEW YORK, UNITED STATES: Singer Mariah Carey watches the game between the New York Yankees and the Oakland Athletics 12 April at Yankee Stadium in New York.Carey has been dating Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter.She can ride horses and she can talk to horses, and she can tame the untamable: Derek Jeter's heart.

Sure, it was more than three years since the Yankees last won a title. While she didn't end up with Jeter, she must have liked dating an athlete.

Not surprising really, considering the murderers' row of models, actresses, and pop stars that have preceded the 24-year-old beauty. We can't really keep up with all the on-again off-again business.

They first started dating in 2012, but in February 2014 it was reported that they were broken up. It does, however, appear that Jeter is having more long-term relationships of late. Maybe the Yankee great is finally ready to settle down.

Though there are rumors swirling that they may be rekindling their romance.

The most recent flame to heat up Jeets has been Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Hannah Davis.

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