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If you ask a man, the majority will say it's men and if you ask a woman the same question, she's highly likely to say women.

Women do not have this pressure, or have to take the lead in the same way.

Assuming she says yes to a first date, the guy then has to arrange a suitable date.

On a first date, most guys will base a decision on whether to ask for a second date, depending on whether they find the woman and her personality attractive.

Whereas, women put men under pressure to demonstrate their levels of substance, intelligence, stability, financial security and so forth, failure to comply, a guy can kiss any chances of a second date goodbye.

However, if a guy behaves in this manner, his manliness and suitability as a life partner come under scrutiny and criticism.

For these reasons, Anil firmly holds that men definitely have it harder in the dating game. Ladies did you find this insightful, or do you think these guys are making much ado about nothing?

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