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VZ Navigator uses Navteq maps but the app is built on HTML5 so TCS can work with any map provider and otherwise customize a navigation app to suit a location or a customer. Besides AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Metro PCS, QNX, and DENSO, customers include the U. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Special Operations Command, plus the U. The app has a clean and clear interface and a host of location-based services that for many users will justify the subscription fee of .99 per-month for the premium service.

Premium includes highlighted exit lanes, traffic conditions, traffic camera locations and more.

Avoiding just one speeding ticket would more than cover the cost.

The app is fast and accurate, though it does rely on the availability of a GPS signal.

Much of the time my routes are fairly simple even when they cover long distances, going from one highway to another.

Ford SYNC, for example, currently supports Pandora, Stitcher, Open Beak, and i Heart Radio.

Toyota’s Entune system offers Pandora, i Heart Radio, Bing, Movie Tickets.com, and Open Table, in addition to various other location-based services.

The service is now integrated with Facebook allowing users to keep up with their friends, family and social networks by updating their Facebook status directly through VZ Navigator, with the option to include and share their location.

Customers can also use Verizon Wireless’ Roadside Assistance service to send their location to a dispatcher so assistance may reach them more quickly.

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