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Design and Features The Latitude E7440 Touch follows the design features we saw earlier in the 12-inch Dell Latitude E7240 Touch, which is essentially a shrunk down version of the Latitude E7440 Touch.

Both systems use visible painted metal and carbon fiber construction to show strength.

The screen is quick to register touches, taps, and swipes, which means that you can fully utilize Windows 8 Pro on this system.

The system has Windows 7 Professional downgrade rights, but we tested it under Windows 8.

Smart Card is an option that wasn't included on our system, but can be added for higher security configurations.

HDMI and mini-Display Port give the Latitude E7440 Touch multi-monitor capabilities.

With its MIL-SPEC ruggedization, it's prepared to survive the day-to-day grind with your mobile workforce.

This carbon-fiber clad laptop comes highly recommended, and is our latest Editors' Choice for business ultrabooks.

The Dell Latitude E7440 Touch is somewhat pricey at just under ,000, but we are talking about a premier business ultrabook with staying power, full IT capabilities, and a premium exterior finish as well.The system comes with a three-year standard warranty with limited onsite service.Performance The Latitude E7440 Touch we tested comes with an Intel Core i5-4300U processor with integrated Intel HD 4400 graphics, 4GB of DDR3 memory, and that 256GB SSD.The keyboard has four levels of brightness, and is comfortable to use right off the bat.Thanks to the system's MIL-SPEC ruggedization, you can use the Latitude E7440 Touch in environments that are hot, cold, rainy, or even in wind blown dust.

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The Latitude E7440 Touch scored 7 hours 44 minutes on our battery rundown test, which outpaced the Latitude 6430u () by just a few minutes, giving both all-day work capabilities.

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