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To do this I need a code to validate that the text is entered in the specific format: 3 Numeric Characters 1 Alphabetic Character or 1 Hyphon then 5 Numeric Characters I tried the following validations at first: 'validate that box is not empty If Text Box1.

Value = "" Then Msg Box ("Sorry, you need to provide an Amount") Text Box1.

Set Focus Exit Sub End If 9 Then msg = "Please enter the ID as 3 numeric, 1 alpha/hyphen, 5 numeric" Go To Early Exit End If 'Check the first three for numeric: If Not Is Numeric(Left(str Value), 3) Then msg = "The first three characters should be numeric" Go To Early Exit End If 'Check the middle character, assuming case not sensitive: If Instr(1, alpha, Lcase(Mid(str Value, 4, 1)) = 0 Then msg = "The fourth character should be hyphen or alphabet" Go To Early Exit End If 'Check the last four characters If Not Is Numeric(Right(str Value, 4)) Then msg = "The last four characters should be numeric" Go To Early Exit End If 'If you've gotten here, then the input is validated: Exit Sub Early Exit: Msg Box msg Text Box1.

Everything goes great, the form inserts the data in my database and no problems here at all. When I enter a date with this format dd/mm/yy the flow follows to the inserting function and I get an error there cause it is not a dd/mm/yyyy.

The syntax for the Date Part() function is as follows: Date Part( interval, date) As Integer For example: The difference between two dates or times can be determined using the Visual Basic Date Diff() function, the syntax for which is: Date Diff( interval, Date1, Date2 ) The interval parameter specifies the unit of time to use when measuring the difference between two date and using the same values as those outlined for the Date Add() function covered previously in this chapter.

Value) Then Msg Box ("Sorry, must enter a numer") Text Box1.

Each of these topics areas will be covered in detail in this chapter.

The simplest way to obtain the current setting of a Date variable is simply to reference the Date as you would any other variable, using the variable name.

For some reason this works with the text Start Date box but not the end date box.

(Looking below you can see the code is identical) When I enter an invalid date in the end date box, I get the error message and nothing is highlighted, I can't even see the cursor or even a control in "focus".

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