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Nonetheless, when a new dating event comes along that lets you go and play video games, it means I have at least one reason to check it out.‘Ready Player Two’ comes from organisers Joypad Bar – London-based retro gaming party specialists with a track record for putting on events like club nights in trendy Hackney warehouses, trashy film screenings or burlesque shows, all of which also happen to let you play video games.To that end, their latest venture is essentially speed-dating, where you also happen to play video games with each other.Not that anyone’s keeping a tab of gamer credentials.“I’ve always had a slight distaste for the term ‘gamer’,” says Swain.Aside from the fact you have to sit together to play old games, Joypad director George Swain highlights the technical merits of retro games for speed dating.

In a basement bar located just off King’s Cross Station, you’ve got about a dozen men and a dozen women getting to know each other for five minutes at a time.

During these multiple forced meet-cutes, you’re not really sure whether to make idle small talk or ask the ‘big questions’.

Suffice to say, I have a lot of scepticism with dating, and am about ready to quietly accept dying alone.

Online dating may have long shed its stigma, and practically everyone you know has probably swiped potential dates on Tinder.

However, online dating can still be a cesspit of crushing anxiety, as you try to make yourself as Instagram-presentable as your recent photo library will allow.

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