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Looking at what people were uploading and what people were watching leaves me feeling a bit wistful.

I wonder if the ROI in terms of handling video bandwidth to conversion to dates wasn't really that much better than just still photos.

So technically speaking, someone did upload something. Which brings the question - what is the second oldest You Tube video still on the site? [1] NQXAC9IVRw One of the comments on that video claims that the guy makes .9k-.7k per year on that one 18-second video.

Coffee Meets Bagel briefly added a video feature where you could record your answer to a question they asked each day.

It sounds like a small amount but I get the impression that it filters out the vast majority of shitty trolls.

On top of that, if your account gets banned then you have to pay the fee again, so if you’re a repeat offender then it gets expensive fast.

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It's so sad, I personally am afraid to participate most of the time because I admittedly have very thin skin and those kinds of interactions can ruin my day.

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