Validating data extracts

The export-import operations can be combined to migrate a DAC between instances, to create an archive, or to create an on-premise copy of a database deployed in SQL Database.

The export process builds a DAC export file in two stages.

To continue, resolve blocking issues and then click Re-run Validation to ensure that validation is successful. Use this page to review the specified source and target settings for the operation.

To complete the export operation using the specified settings, click Finish.

On Azure SQL DB you need to grant for each database VIEW DEFINITION and SELECT permission on all tables or on specific tables To Export a DAC Using a Wizard This page describes the steps for the Export Data-tier Application Wizard. - Click the check box to stop the Introduction page from being displayed in the future. Cancel - Cancels the operation and closes the Wizard.

Use this page to specify the location where you want the BACPAC file to be created.

This page reports the success or failure of the export operation, showing the results of each action. Since many companies are using Business Intelligence (BI) to make strategic decisions in the hope of gaining a competitive advantage in a tough business landscape, bad data will cause them to make decisions that will cost their firms millions of dollars.After trialing Query Surge and seeing how much more data validation they could do, and with much shorter testing cycles, they incorporated Query Surge into their formal ETL process.For more information about the types of objects supported in a DAC, see DAC Support For SQL Server Objects and Versions.Exporting a DAC requires at least ALTER ANY LOGIN and database scope VIEW DEFINITION permissions, as well as SELECT permissions on sys.sql_expression_dependencies.

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