Updating your us passport

Question: I am getting married on July 31 and am traveling to Europe on September 3rd and again on November 20th. How do I make sure I get my old passport and marriage license back?

Question: I read to help reduce the risk of my old passport and marriage license getting lost or misplaced I should "choose a two-way overnight delivery ... What kind of fee do I have to pay in order to change my name?

Question: I got my passport on October 1, 2009 and after I got married I legally change my last name.

I wanted to go to Guatemala before I'm 8 months ...

I was married on May 29, 2010 and am going to Italy in September. Can I travel with my passport even though it has my maiden name?

Question: When booking my vacation I didn't think about the fact my passport has my maiden name on it. Does your passport number change when you change names?

Marriage Certificate and Passport Name Change Answers to questions about marriage certificate requirements when applying for a passport name change.

Passport Name Change Due to Marriage Information about changing the name in a passport after marriage.

Question: I have visa stamps from really cool countries, and I would hate to lose them when I have to mail in my old passport. How much time will it take to get my passport back?

Passport Name Change Question: Hello, I was just recently married and changed my name. Question: My passport has been issued over a year ago & my name has changed.

I am able to mail in my current US passport, an official copy of my marriage ...

Will my maiden name appear as my middle name on my new passport?

Question: I need to renew my passport for an upcoming trip, but I'm concerned with how my name will appear to book the tickets. Fee for name change due to marriage Question: My passport was issued in 2008.

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