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It’s literally impossible for developers to know all the nuances of every possible plugin that you might be using.That said, the majority of well-supported and well-developed plugins and themes would not cause you any trouble whatsoever. Even my own personal site is a custom theme and uses roughly 15 plugins.Use Desktop Server’s “Import” tool to duplicate your site locally. The other option is having a live development site.Most users who prefer live development sites typically install them as sub-domains of their site, like dev.Furthermore, when I say plugins or themes are the problem, it’s not ALL plugins and themes.It’s important to understand that every plugin you add to your site cannot be tested with every other plugin on your site.Basically, if you only built your site with the Core features of Word Press, and used only the default themes that Word Press is shipped with, then you could update your website without any fear of any negative impact.

Basically, when you see a new update notification, you can think “Oh wow!

The Open Source Word Press project is potentially one of the largest and most global open source projects.

It has the most international contributors of any open source project in existence.

This method relies on the following tools: Here’s the basic concept.

Simply push all of your updates in your development environment first and troubleshoot any issues there.

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The following is a progressive list of four general methods for updating your website reliably.

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