Updating records retention schedules in nys

The continuum concept outlines four actions that recur throughout the life of a record.These actions are: Each person who touches the record performs one or all of these activities.

In addition, through the application of optical character recognition (OCR) software, digital images can be used to create text-searchable files which increase access and use.

The arrival of the Information Age means that much of our history is now recorded in electronic format, including your agency’s activities.

Because of that, you need to develop a strategy for managing electronic records.

Because different stakeholders throughout an enterprise have different needs and roles in electronic records management, the development of your electronic records management strategy requires joint planning, communication, and training.

Legal Framework Your strategy must conform to the legal mandates in such areas as: chapter for more information on legal mandates and legal frameworks in general.

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The continuum concept recognizes that records pass through identifiable stages; however, these stages are reference points, not separate functions.

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