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There is however a generic utility to both read and write the various flash chips found on systems, called flashrom.I used this to great effect in 2004 (when it was called flash_and_burn) to remotely update Intel 82802AC flash chips.In this case you must update the CRC which the firmware uses to check for corrupted settings (due to the battery losing charge for example).

Also considering the privileged position of the BIOS in the system, it's worth noting this NIST guideline on BIOS protection guidelines for servers.More recently I've used it to update other systems, and have had no problems at all.This small utility is easy to compile, or install from the "flashrom" package on your distro.One could also use a little space for your own stateful settings on systems that don't have any, like netboot systems for example.This assumes of course, the BIOS leaves some space unused.

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