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The download and installation may also be postpone by tapping Later and selecting a time If prompted, connect to a Wi-Fi network to download the software update.First, double-check to make sure your Hum OBD Reader is plugged in correctly in your new car, then go for a 10-minute drive.If this is happening to you, please call Hum Customer Service at (800) 711-5800, and we’ll work with you to resolve the issue.hands-free switch is in the On position and that your phone is in pairing mode.It could be that the battery is charging and you just need to wait a little longer.If your Hum Speaker’s battery was completely depleted, it will take about two hours to charge it up to 75%, and about six hours to charge it to 100%.Also, the Verizon version of the Google Pixel is carrier unlocked, so you can use it where ever you like.

Well, it turns out that all that outrage was for nothing.

What's more, surprisingly the Pixels from Verizon are being offered unlocked too, just like those from the Google store.

As for the infamous Verizon bloatware, it consists of exactly three apps, and all of them can be uninstalled.

So hopefully this controversy will finally die down, letting the entire internet once again focus on how the Pixels are overpriced, have chins that are too big, and lack essential features such as wireless charging, OIS, and water resistance.

Note: If the software update has not already downloaded, tap Download, once complete tap Install now.

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