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I just bought two Garmin GPSr Nuvi 660 and Street Pilot c340 four weeks ago and registered both at Garmin.Got the free update for Nuvi 660 but not for Street Pilot c340.I downloaded it and installed on my Nuvi 660 with no problem.Nuvi 660, Street Pilot c340, Magellan Maestro 3225 Their customer service is horrible.If the rep doesnt like to help, just ask for supervisor!Last time I called, the rep told me that "NOBODY at the call center can assist me with the free update" but then the supervisor did give me a discount!I talked to them previously about free update and they said it would be available. I told them I would have bought another company and they said well you already purchased ours, and blew me off.If i knew their customer service was so bad, I would have never bought from them.

first, they shipped the maps to a couple of their vendors before they offered them on Garmin's website second, said the updates would be free for new owners within 30 days, I was told that by support third, they offer it free for 650 (which is discontinued) yet the 660 does not qualify since it's not in production.

So, keep an eye on this company, let's see where they are heading a year from now.

and by the way, their online support website still giving server errors, I sent their webmaster an e-mail, let's see if he/she acts on it.

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