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For Windows users at least (even up to Windows 10) the current Godox firmware update procedure is actually relatively straight forward, and quite simple once you have done it the first time.So updating firmware generally nothing to be scared of for PC users at least.“Unable to open archive file” Error Sometimes when trying to install the updater software, when you click on the file to start the installation an “Unable to open archive file” error message will appear.This is simply caused by the Chinese characters in the folders containing the file.Contact Customer Service or check approval label on product for specific approval information.With Godox releasing quite a number of products recently related to their new new 2.4GHz X series TTL radio system, there has also been a lot of new firmware updates available for these products, as Godox work through refining and further integrating the system.Today's SCBA are a technology system that equips firefighters with revolutionary safety capabilities - now and in the future.With the MSA G1 SCBA, buy today and keep pace with safety improvements for the next 15 years.

Though if possible they may release some interim software to help make things easier in the mean time.The main thing that seems to avoid most installation issues is just letting the update software install Java7 on your PC, even if you already have a version of Java installed (quite possibly a later version).The software will simply uninstall the current Java software and install a fresh version of Java7.I’m pretty sure all settings you mentioned as set per normal… However when working on the boat this weekend I noticed my si duecer was not completely snapped into the 1199…

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The current Godox Firmware Update Software is however limited, and designed to function with somewhat outdated Windows 7 operating systems and prior.

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