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The hard drive manufacturer Seagate has notified us that the Seagate Drives in the to firmware version series "SN05" can have problems in connection with Adaptec SAS (Series 5) and 3Ware SAS (9690-x) controllers.

This is due to a firmware bug in the Seagate drive, which manifests itself in port time-outs and poor performance.

Other vendors have contracts with Seagate that allow them to sell the hardware under different names.

Seagate suggest that customers can use the “Force” method to upgrade their disks.

First you should find the propper firmware in LOD format (E.g.

Synology DS1010 diskstation that has been having trouble maintaining a i SCSI link to a server here at work.

Refraining from updating can expose the users of the hard drives and their clients or families to a higher risk of cyber-crime. Rach and Mike Baucom from Tangible Security, who uncovered essential liabilities in the wireless storage hardware manufactured by Seagate.

Tangible Security also salutes Seagate's efforts to improve their products and to keep customers more secure.

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