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For example, RHEL 7 had 48/46 bits of virtual/physical memory address, and the kernel did 4 levels of page tables.

That limited virtual memory to 256 Ti B and physical memory to 64 Ti B, although 64 terabytes of RAM was further out.

If your keyboard has a key with the Microsoft logo on it, down around the left-hand Shift and Alt and Control keys, it's that thing.

to bring up a "run this command" text box that allows searching.

RHEL 8 has better support for deployment in containers and in cloud settings.

The new Composer lets you created customized images in several formats, including those prepared for deployment onto public cloud providers.

Package xorg-x11-server-Xwayland provides * I thought it was just me being naïve, but I have discovered that many other people who work with Linux servers don't know what the "Windows Start Key" is.Red Hat did a lot of work between the beta release in November 2018 and the final release in May 2019.The kernel stayed at the same "upstream" or original version, 4.18.0, but it went from 4.18.0-32 to 4.18.0-80.The actions described in this article can damage existing filesystems and operating systems if not done carefully, or even if followed exactly.Please experiment first on a test box, and only proceed after creating current and tested backups if you value your data.

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