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Whether you have organized your corporation in Delaware, California or any other state, your existence as a corporate entity begins with the filing of your organizational “Certificate of Incorporation Certificate of Incorporation” or “Articles of Incorporation” (states differ on what they call this document; Delaware uses “Certificate of Incorporation”).

These minutes will then be reviewed and approved by the Board at a subsequent meeting, signed by the secretary of the meeting and placed in the Minute Book.

Once shares are issued, certain actions will also require stockholder approval, and those approvals will also need to be documented and included in the Minute Book. Your lawyer can keep the original minute book materials.

Not only is it expected that ABULCs will have immediate popularity for those seeking to incorporate new hybrid entities, but also that many NSULCs may convert themselves to ABULCs by continuing under the ABCA. Practitioners should note that the shareholder liability provisions for ABULCs are different from those that apply to NSULCs.

Once payment is received, we will complete the return and email back to you a proof of filing.At each Board meeting, one individual will be designated secretary of the meeting who will be responsible for preparing written notes (a.k.a.“minutes”) memorializing the discussions by the Board and setting forth any formal resolutions adopted at the meeting.It is extremely important to keep excellent paper records.Over the life of your company, you will be asked on any number of occasions to provide evidence of Board approval of certain actions, whether in connection with the opening of an additional credit line, a seed round financing or on the eve of your initial Public Offeringdue diligence requests from potential investors’ counsel or perhaps a company interested in acquiring your assets.

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After this initial document is filed, the company can only act through its Board of Directors Bylaws.

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