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A man always has a better prospective than a woman of the same education and talent.This also has to do with general values of the Russian society, as it is expected from a woman to sacrifice or neglect her career when she gets married.Russian people also read much more than an average westerner, since books are cheap and the habit of reading still has not been replaced by computer games and other entertainment due to expensiveness of the equipment.In seventies and eighties, books in Russia were in fashion, and most people have extensive home libraries (having thousands of books at home is nothing special).

(One of them is going to proofread this article so I think I'd better stop here.)So, the beauty of Russian women comes from the fact that they do bother to look attractive for men.

This is the reason why Russian women put greater importance on finding a suitable partner for marriage than on making their own careers, which many westerners (especially women) interpret as "parasitic" and "lazy".

In fact, Russian women are not afraid of hard work, and they are used to working, but their natural instinct tells them they must find a male who will be able to provide for his female while she is busy with their offspring and unable to support the family on her own.

They enjoy dressing feminine and stylish, and often make their clothes themselves.

(I still have a few jerseys that I knitted myself and brought with me from Russia.)I often read in magazines how western female stars, having 7-figure yearly incomes, complain that being beautiful is a full-time job.

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