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Starring: Juri Ueno, Hiroshi Tamaki, Eita, Asami Mizukawa Director: Hideki Takeuchi IMDb Info » Read the full post Tags: Asami Mizukawa, Eita, Hideki Takeuchi, Hiroshi Tamaki, Juri Ueno Drama He is rejected by his sister when the brother floats the idea that their father move from his house to her apartment.

The father has other ideas however and shows up unannounced at her doorstep with his belongings.

The two women become friends, but Hiroko will meet disaster once again.

Starring: Juri Ueno, Yoshino Kimura, Kazuki Kitamura, Sôichirô Kitamura Director: Gorô Kishitani IMDb Info » Read the full post Tags: Gorô Kishitani, Juri Ueno, Kazuki Kitamura, Sôichirô Kitamura, Yoshino Kimura Drama | Romance Woo-jin wakes up in a different body everyday, regardless of age, gender and nationality.

Comedy | Drama | Music Nodame is still pining for the affections of Chiaki, but Chiaki wants them to concentrate on their musical careers and moves out.

The woman is Kobayashi Fukuko, and she attempts suicide again and again.

He and his teammates work hard to get back on the field placing all his hopes on a new slow-ball, "the magic pitch." However, the outbreak of WWII wipes out the baseball ambitions from everyone.

They join the military and in the navy undergo the severe training that prepares them for death.

But the girls' extreme laziness causes the lunches to spoil, and soon nearly the entire brass band gets sick.

The remaining member is Takuo (Hiraoka Yuto), who recruits Tomoko's classmate Sekiguchi (Motokariya Yuika) into the band, even though Sekiguchi's musical talents are entirely in question.

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But Tomoko and the other girls soon follow, partly to get out of math class, and partly because it's their fault that the entire band got sick in the first place!

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