Tupperware dating ideas

Sure you can start calling all your friends, neighbours, co-workers etc to date parties, but you need to get beyond your own circle of friends as well. Don't forget to ask every person at the end of the party when they are doing up their orders if they would like to host their own party.Sometimes people are just waiting to see if you will ask them.The way this works is each time you ask me a question about my business you get to hold the gift til I finish answering.So the more questions you ask themore likely you are to get the gift."Remember the reason for recruiting games is so that you can tell people about the Tupperware opportunity in a fun engaging way.

If you are excited about what you have to offer they will be too.Ask everyone when they place their order if they would consider doing what you do.If one person in particular asked alot of questions invite them for an information session.It's a great way to unwind and spend quality time with the people close to you.To find one Tupperware Consultant and make a Party booking or place an order, please contact our Distributor.

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