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He looked at me suspiciously like he was not ok with it but then undid his shorts stepped out of them and put them on the back of the chair.He was so tall that with me sitting there I was face height to his cock.I moved to the back of one side found an empty booth and put my card in for five bucks worth of watching.Damn there was a lot of channels I thought maybe a hundred.You had a zillion channels to choose form and any kind of porn you could imagine.I went peaked my head into a couple booths one turned out to be occupied and the guy was waving me in. I paced around not making eye contact with any of the guys who mostly creeped me out.The booth I picked was one of the few that had a glass window between it and the booth on the other side.

A few guys kept looking in but I showed no interest so they left. I was sitting on the chair my cock out stroking when I heard the belt being uhooked and someone coming in not peeking in but walking in to my booth. A very tall over six foot five ,slim,, attractive well dressed black man with a mustache Before he said anything he said "sorry I just need a minute if you dont mind I dont want someone to see me.

I didnt let him cum in my mouth but he pulled out and came in a handkerchief. I am not ashamed now and have learned to accept it as part of my sexuality. The birthday boy commented that he would like some black ass. Thought it would be just us in a small area of the dark room. I laid down on my back and spread my legs for him after a lot of foreplay.

After he came I said I have to go and kind of ran out. I guess it was cheating on my wife and for that I confess. He was on top of me and thrusting inside me like a wild animal.

I could see guys milling around and checking each other out.

I could see that the machines no longer took tokens but credit cards.

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