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Those realities have led to a drop in enrollment over the last 10 years, and predictions say that drop will continue.

The district is also struggling financially, partly because of the low enrollment and partly because AISD sends hundreds of millions of dollars back to the state in recapture.

They also want to save money on spending outside of the classroom (think buses, utilities and general upkeep), maintain school choice options for families and use school buildings for other community needs. AISD will look at every region's enrollment, program offerings, the age of buildings in that region and the cost of repairs at current schools, among other things.

Parents have wondered whether this map will change which schools their children can attend, as many people buy or rent in certain neighborhoods so their kids can go to specific schools.

"We're all parents, we understand what this is and what this means to our students, to our families and to us," he said.

"We're going to be very respectful of that." Trustee Amber Elenz, who represents Central and West Austin, said while some of her constituents have expressed concern, she thinks this process will make the district more equitable. "There is going to be pain, but there is going to be profit in every space," she said.

Among states, the average number of students per district provides a good basis for comparison, and the number varies widely.

which we've allowed, that's where we get in trouble.Still, district officials have previously emphasized these guiding principles won't rely purely on whether a school is under-enrolled, as that could lead to the closure of historically under-enrolled East Austin schools. If the board approves the guidelines, which it refers to as guiding principles, they'll guide its decisions on closure or consolidation.Trustees will weigh a closure against how it would benefit the district overall, keeping in mind its goals of making sure students have access to programs and are able to attend a renovated school. This map is another tool the district will use to make their decisions.It's also struggling to maintain all of its school buildings, many of which are under-enrolled.If the district doesn't close or consolidate, it could eventually face bankruptcy.

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