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Going back and reliving and telling my version of the final 18 months of Hüsker Dü — not real fun. But in having to tell my story, I had to go back and look at it. I tried to keep an even hand when going back on those stories and looking at it. A lot of times it’s having to revisit the resignation. The episode in which you talk about the final time the members of Hüsker Dü were in a room together was a pretty painful affair. It was the period at the end of an 18-month long sentence that kept saying in different ways: “Time to leave,” “Time to close this up,” “We’re all growing apart,” “We have nothing in common,” “We don’t even like each other’s music.” “Maybe we should put a period on this.” It’s a tough story.

I don’t think anybody looks particularly good or bad.

I would say understanding it for sure, and embracing it and beginning a journey of getting comfortable with my own skin, which has been the battle for so many decades. In the eight years that the band was together, we made a lot of amazing music, got a lot of people’s attention and the work still resonates today. Personally, when it was over, I was ready to move on and be my own person.

But it was in the ’90s when you came out, you were embracing your homosexuality when you were living in New York.

I just felt like, “Wow, I don’t know if you’re listening to the songs.

You’re getting caught on production flourishes that aren’t familiar to you.

More or less that’s the palette that I worked with.

When I traded that in for a new set of tools, I just don’t think people understood.

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“In looking back at the first 50 years of my life,” he writes in the book’s preface, “I was sometimes appalled by my faults. Once I understood the value of and meaning of music, I began composing …

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