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I am also a one year, eleven month cancer-free survivor. During my stay in the hospital, Yule was fast approaching.

I always had a huge feast for ritual day and I always buzzed around making sure the house was clean, altar prepared, topic for discussion during teaching time, etc. Yes, I had other priestesses and coven members who were able to help.

The Sabbat of Beltane celebrates the sacred union of the God and Goddess and the potential for new life that is held in that act.

The Goddess is the Maiden of Spring who is ready to take a lover.

TWV is a neutral forum open to all adherents of the various Heathen religions, Pagan, Witch, Wiccan traditions and to Solitary Practitioners who/that follow a positive code of ethics such as The Wiccan Rede or The Ring of Troth's, Nine Virtues. We don't sell products, shake you for cash, or work any 'side deals' with Pagan Merchants or Publishing houses. A Brief Introduction: The following introduction is offered here to help to dispel many of the myths surrounding Neo-paganism, Witchcraft and the Heathen and Reconstructionist religions.

Note: If you see any vendors offering a percentage of sales as a donation to TWV, do know that we have no control over this sort of activity nor do we endorse it. The ways of many Neo-Pagan traditions, religions and groups, as well as some of the Heathen and Reconstructionist religions, are described in even more detail on various other pages on this Web site and elsewhere on the net.

I am High Priestess of Circle of the Autumn Winds and I never gave a thought to what would happen when I was unable to prepare for ritual and feast.

In the Rider-Waite inspired decks, a sword is presented with its point thrusting u As the Sun King has returned I think on all that has happened the past solar year.

Needless to say, it has become popular to levy accusations of hubris against any person or organization that one disagrees with. Hubris* is usually (quickly) translated as arrogance or pompous pride.

This quick translation is usually offered when trying to explain ones beliefs and devotions to intrigued family, friends, et al.

If were especially diligent, weve managed to achieve Sex Magic!

So, this Spring, this Beltane, lets honor our beautiful, juicy selves, regardless of our age, and consider for a few moments here how glorious our pleasure-seeking eroticism can be for enhancing our joy, expanding our heart energy, cultivating magic and revitalizing our connection with all that is.

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