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Although the first seven films in the series are remarkably solid, if you have to see only one "Friday the 13th," make it this one.

A true groundbreaker and one of the first legit slashers, "Black Christmas" predated the more well-known "Halloween" by four years and features a "killer making s crank call from inside the house" concept that predated the original "When a Stranger Calls" by five years.

Unfortunately for them, a year later, someone dressed as the Gorton's fisherman decides to avenge the hit-and-run.

The plot centres around a group of people in possession of a manuscript sequel of a cult graphic novel called The Utopia Experiments which hides a multitude of secrets.

Why we love it: What makes the show so terrifying is the horribly realistic scenarios, including a particularly awful primary school shooting scene in season 2. Read more: 20 cancelled TV shows Netflix should bring back season, Supernatural is about two brothers keeping up the family business of hunting down demons across America.

He offs them one by one in wonderfully elaborate set pieces (foreshadowing "Saw"). The killer in question is Death itself, and it's a tricky, heartless bugger who seeks to claim the lives of the high school French class members who got off a plane before it crashed.

Since they had been fated to die on the plane, they broke Death's plan, and now it's got unfinished business, picking off the kids one by one in extravagant, red herring-filled "accidents." It's an ingenious concept and one that's perfectly executed — although diminished somewhat by the derivative sequels.

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