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Cathedral was rebuilded several times, last reconstructions took place in 18th century.

In 1397, the Chapelle des Macchabées was added to the original building and in 1752 the portico was added to the western facade. One huge pipe organ to sound the whole ship is located above the entrance, in a back of the Cathedral.

Temperature Zurich is a marvelous city with a wide array of breathtaking attractions that entice tourists from all over the globe.

The city famous for its ancient and medieval design creatively blended with modern day living is one of Europe's major financial hubs and a tourist hotspot.

All these historical findings are proving the existence of the city in the antiquity.Die Sicherheit unserer Mitglieder hat bei uns oberste Priorität. Schon ein paar Zeilen genügen für einen guten ersten Eindruck. Hobbys verbinden: Lernen Sie andere Singles bei gemeinsamen Ausflügen, Events oder einem Getränk kennen. DE erstellen, ist dieses auch auf den lokalen Versionen unseres Services sichtbar, die dieselbe Plattform unter einem anderem Markennamen nutzen.Buy the tickes from the reception inside the cathedral at the end on the left (where there is also shop with postcards and Geneva's guides), or get free ticket with Geneva Pass.Entrance to the first tower (North) is located opposite the reception, near by.

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