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The large Fender logo of the export Squier series was soon changed to a large Squier logo.The first Fender Japan guitars are known as the JV Fenders and JV Squiers, with JV standing for Japanese Vintage and were made by the Fuji Gen Gakki factory in Japan, using technical support from Fender USA.S/E: The S and E serial number prefix Korean Squiers are from the late 1980s/early 1990s. There were also Korean Squier serials with no serial number prefix and 6 or 7 numbers and the first number is the year.[edit] Chinese & Taiwanese Squiers YN: Y = Yako (Taiwan), N = Nineties (1990s), the first number following the serial number prefix is the year. CY: C = China, Y = Yako (Taiwan), the serial number prefix is followed by a 2 number year. CY serials are usually used on Crafted in China Squiers.S = Samick, E = Young serial numbers were used on Young Chang's Fenix brand guitars [3]. Some Chinese made Gretsch guitars also have a CY serial number.These models were Fender models and not Squier models.They had Fender USA pickups installed and were made for the Japanese market only and not for export [1].

The following info will also help you determine if its a Fender Sqier number.

Fender soon added a less expensive export Squier series based on the Fender Japan 19 series in July/August 1982, which had a large Fender logo with a smaller Squier logo and had a zinc rather than a steel tremolo block and had Fender USA pickups installed.

The Squier series were also made available for the Japanese market in October 1982, which incorporated small changes compared to the export Squier series.

The lower priced Fender guitars were made in America and could not compete with the lower prices of Japanese made Fender copies.

In the early 1980s, Japanese labor and production costs were much lower than in America and to compete with the Japanese made guitars, Fender moved the lower priced Fender guitar production from America to Japan.

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