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After using it on a woman, she will definitely will believe that you picked up things from her aura.

90% of women will believe that you actually just read their mind or soul because they won't believe you could have otherwise known such intimate details about them.

Just reach for her hands in a confident, definitive manner and say in a very soft voice, “This helps me pick up more about you”.

There are all kinds of ways to give fake psychic readings but believe it or not, the proven best way to do it that has the highest “believability rate” is to use a script that has proven to fit all women.

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Imagine being able to walk up to a woman and give her a spot-on psychic reading that she'll totally believe. In fact – using the techniques detailed below, you'll have about a 90% success rate at making her think you really just read her.You're an interesting person and not your average boring guy. Almost every girl thinks she's very spiritual these days.Girls are used to boring guys walking up to them all the time saying, “Hi, I'm John – What's your name? Now that every woman under the sun has read “The Secret”, the spirituality thing is at an all time high.3.You've peaked her curiosity and now it'll be hard for her to turn down the reading.She'll be excited to hear about how her aura was so strong. If possible you should grab her hands about 1/3 of the way through the reading once you've established some trust with her. Whenever possible you want to establish touch with a woman.

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The women were all shocked at how much he knew about them.

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