Speed dating under the mistletoes

Your plan to make your move and secure the guy by Christmas is down the toilet, and after a few regrettable tequilas you go home alone. Smug couples are wearing his & hers Christmas jumpers for their smug couples nights in (and posting pictures ALL over Instagram), and you’re just dreading that moment over your festive feast when Aunt Jan asks “so, do you have a boyfriend yet?” Christmas can be a tough time to be single – there are only so many times you can tell obscure and nosy relatives that you really are ok on your own before you start to think, maybe I should have found someone by now?

Once you find your match, head to the prize table to claim your raffle ticket and a surprise treat.Part I – Minute to Win It-Style Party Games Play an assortment of hilarious holiday inspired group activities to get to know the others in the crowd.Otherwise, you will get the experience of speed dating, but no follow-up contact details unless someone you mutually match with has paid or more chooses to get your details (you won’t have theirs).Limited spaces available, so arrive early to avoid missing out.NOTE: if you want to be matched you will need to donate or more.

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