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Ultimately, we ended up making a new girlfriend who is relatively new to the city, and, naturally, we invited her to join us for dessert after the event closed up shop and all the speed daters dispersed.We chatted about how it all went as girls are apt to do and came to the realization that there are plenty of us in the same boat. We’re not sure why it’s so hard to find someone we can connect with, but we’re willing to take our time to find the right person.The time we spend together, although short, should feel organic.

The stars were aligned; we were on our way to potentially meeting some new people, new guys.

At first it was a resounding “no” from both of my friends, but slowly one changed her mind.

Initially, I said I might choose to take part once more, but after being told we would receive our mutual matches the following day and not actually hearing anything for three days, I thought the service could have been better.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun in the meantime.

One friend pondered why they didn’t make it larger where would we meet twenty people instead of a dozen, but my response to that was that it’s so overwhelming.

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