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In chapter 5 of daytime dating one of the biggest fears of men is tackled head on!The approach is similar to many other approaches you will have learnt, I am sure you will have many in your arsenal “Excuse me… I really like your…” Or keep it low key and talk about a new article she is reading…

Say you are in a cafe, “starbucks” sitting on one of their couches and a really beautiful women sit next to you… There are several things you could do here Mutual interest is a great way to stimulate attraction.

When chatting let it NOT be a lecture with you talking because you are nervous so that you she has little time to say what she wants to say.

I have met lots of guys who have NO IDEA how ridicules they seem when conversing with people.

Think about topics of conversation that you are interested in.

If none of these come up during her time to talk then this is a good sign she might be too different.

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The first emotional progression for the women is usually the conversation but it can also be as simple as an eye across the room.

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