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This is the moment where PNMs receive their Bid cards and are welcomed home to their sorority.You’ll meet countless girls, take photos until your cheeks hurt, and get to know the women who you’ll experience the next four years alongside.A silly (but totally valid) question to ask yourself is whether or not you could imagine yourself brushing your teeth or lounging around in sweatpants with the girls you met.

Bid Day The most exciting day of the week: Bid Day!

At the end of the night, you’ll write down which chapters you hope you return to the next day.

Tip: It’s easy to forget specific conversations when you’re meeting so many new people, so it helps to bring a small notebook with you to write down first impressions in between events.

Round Two The schedule varies for different campuses, but there will be one night of recruitment where you get a tour of the sorority house.

The visits on this night are longer than Round One, but you’ll be going to fewer houses since both PNMs and chapters make cuts after each night.

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If you want to know more about the social activities, ask your tour guide her favorite memory in the house.

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