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But in 1961 Hepburn and Holden were reunited on screen for Paris When It Sizzles and Holden had to confront his demons.“I realised that I had to face Audrey and I had to deal with my drinking,” he said.

“I didn’t think I could handle either situation.”Holden failed dismally.

Despite her squeaky-clean image Hepburn enjoyed several extramarital affairs and questioned her acting ability.“I never thought I was a good actress,” she lamented.

“I’m no Laurence Olivier, no virtuoso talent.”But it was Hepburn’s love affair with Holden that smouldered throughout her life.

She set off on her own and the next thing she knew, she was being thrown around by police officers in a handicap stall of the men’s bathroom after engaging in sex with a 26 year old stranger.

Sirbrina Guerrero, 23, says she and her partner, who requested anonymity, were just “exchanging pecks,” not acting any differently than heterosexual couples at the game, when park officials told them to stop “making out” or leave the facility.

Formerly Enron Field Sex – 2006The officer, Jeffrey Olesen, was relieved from duty after a fan found him, his wife and one of his wife’s friends enjoying each other’s company in a Minute Maid Park unisex bathroom.

“He told her that the one thing, the only thing they could not have together was children,” says Epstein.“She stood looking at him like a hurt, bewildered child as he explained that he’d had a vasectomy years earlier.

She ended the affair on the spot.”But Holden refused to give up on Hepburn.

But Audrey suffered a stillbirth and a miscarriage after falling from a horse before finally having her first son Sean in 1960.

Learning of her husband’s frequent infidelities, in revenge she had an affair with screenwriter Robert Anderson, ironically while filming his movie The Nun’s Story.

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