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Defence of the technique has been maintained by many authors, however, as cumulative probability distributions can be seen as a useful way to explore trends in data aggregated from different sites, both in terms of environmental history ().A number of recent papers attempt to improve summed probability as a modelling technique by confronting criticisms that they are unprobabilistic representations of research interest, not a true pattern borne from fluctuating activity levels in the past. () call the “University College London (UCL) method”, where simulation and back-calibration are used to generate a null hypothesis, which can also factor the expected rates of both population growth and taphonomic loss of archaeological materials through time.These case studies exemplify an emerging trend in archaeology, which is quickly re-defining itself as a data-driven discipline at the intersection of science and the humanities.Archaeology is witnessing a proliferation of studies that avail of large archaeological–chronological datasets, especially radiocarbon data.That said, many studies still succumb to using point estimates or even histograms of uncalibrated dates because there are few methods that can replace the point estimate when the desired result of the analysis is a time-series, such as temporal frequency distribution or plots of proxy indicators versus time.

However, it should be stressed that because the radiocarbon probability density of any calendar year is very low (typically never greater than 0.05), any point estimate of a radiocarbon date is much more likely to be “wrong” than “right”, underlining the need to work with the full probability distribution wherever possible.This allows for the direct comparison of archaeological data to other series and the coarse distribution of sites and their various phases.It is a very useful tool for visualising the latter and probably deserves to be more widely used for exploratory work than it currently is.For example, at the time of writing, recent months have seen papers presenting syntheses of millennia of human history in Central Italy (Palmisano et al. The current high level of interest in this kind of work doubtless has many causes, including (a) the fact that available archaeological data have now reached a critical mass, allowing the work to proceed (b) hyper-familiarity by archaeologists with computers and the internet, which now pervade virtually every aspect of modern life, (c) next-generation ancient DNA work which has invigorated interest in demography and population history and (d) a broader shift towards “digital humanities”, positioning archaeology at the interface between scientific research and “Big Data” (for an extended discussion, see Kristiansen ).In this brave new world, many archaeologists and their collaborators have developed novel methods and theories dealing with the rather complex and intertwined issues of meaningfully summarizing large datasets, but also accounting for the chronological uncertainty and sampling bias inherent to archaeological research.

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The choice of smoothing bandwidth is important—if it is too narrow, then spurious wiggles caused by the calibration curve (or rather, the C history of the Earth) will be present; too wide, and the KDE will fail to respond to patterns of interest in the data.

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  1. Though this date doesn’t mean that the book was published at the same time, it can certainly be a good clue. I have an undated two-volume history of the French Revolution, which also give a year-by-year account the years afterward.

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