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The rumors soon dwindled, and it looks like the couple moved on sooner than later. They were also spotted in various locations together.

Baweja, though not a famous star, was reportedly very invested in Chopra as a costar and as a woman he adored.

When Karan asked for advice that Shahid would want to give to Nick Jonas, the actor said, “Never back down, you are with the original Desi Girl.” Shahid and Priyanka’s relationship has always been a tight-lipped one but as per a throwback DNA report, Priyanka’s house was raided by the income tax department in 2011, when she had called Shahid to the rescue.

Priyanka had herself revealed the same back then and shared, “Yes, Shahid was there at my apartment when it (the income tax raids) happened.

Credits: John Varvatos/Getty Images, Priyanka Chopra. Credits: Jason Merritt/Getty Images, Harman Baweja. Credits: Malcolm Taylor/Getty Images, Shahid Kapoor. Credits: Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images While some amours were nothing more than baseless rumors (cough … cough), there were a few real relationships Priyanka Chopra had fully invested in. Here is Priyanka Chopra’s dating timeline and list of boyfriends she has had over the years.

He retorted, “I cannot name them.” Speaking about Priyanka Chopra, her wedding and her professional achievements, Shahid once stated in an interview, “Priyanka is doing amazingly well I am very happy for her. She always had the potential to become an international star and she has proved it.” Shahid went on to add, “Many, many congratulations to Priyanka and Nick.I wish them all the happiness.” In the Rapid-Fire round, when Karan Johar asked which relationship’s memories he would like to delete, Priyanka or Kareena, Shahid retorted, “See, my relationship with Kareena was longer and with Priyanka, it was shorter.I think the man that I am today is because of all the experiences that I’ve had. It’s taught me a lot." (Also Read: Shahid's Ex Kareena Kapoor And Wife Mira Rajput Crossed Paths At Isha's Wedding And This Happened) In the next question when he was asked which out of the two ladies, Priyanka or Kareena, is a more talented actor, Shahid decided to give a diplomatic response.Butler got down on one knee and everything for Chopra, but it was all in good humor.It became an ongoing joke between the two, as Butler would get down on one knee every half hour, only to make Chopra laugh out loud!

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