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It’s important to remember that that's a role that could be filled by anyone—a man or a woman—or even a digitally-enhanced, and genderless, AI.Mitsuku is your new virtual companion and is here 24 hours per day just to converse with you.This new device gives us another opportunity to explore one of the major issues in AI design today: assigning gender roles to the devices and AI personalities we utilize every day.

On the other hand, a great number of standalone chatbots mobile apps have also emerged to empower users with ability to communicate, access information and make decisions in real time.

“By assigning gender to these AI personalities, we may be saying something about the roles we expect them to play.” Remember that AI assistants and chatbots do not inherently have a gender.

If we strip these tools of the names and voices added by their human creators, there's nothing there that requires them to be "he" or "she," other than our own assumptions. Your creation can be authoritative and professional (heck, even friendly) while remaining firmly in the artificial intelligence camp.

The bot contacted over 1,100 people in Cook County alone.

The Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart started the “National John” initiative in 2011 to draw attention to the role sex buyers play in fueling sex trafficking, the sheriff’s office said.

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These groups routinely give women’s names to the things we issue commands to with little to no user feedback or input from a forward-thinking, socially-minded design team.

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