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Professional cycling is serious business as there are many challenges and limits to riding.As the duo push their boundaries, we experience that misfortunes can often be a source of inspiration. is an adventurous sports anime that focuses on two young brothers named Retsu and Go Seiba.Additionally, Future GPX Cyber Formula is audacious, presenting to viewers heartwarming and reflective moments.The year is 2048 and the “Immortal Grand Prix” or IGPX for short, is all the rage.

Ride Back is an action, sci-fi anime set in the near distant future in which the Global Government Plan (GGP) has taken control of the planet.The IGPX is the fastest and most exciting motorsport in existence.It is so epic that a whole city is designated for the event.But what is it about riding Fuego that makes Rin’s heart race?Is it being involved in something bigger than herself?

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We know there are many more series that capture the thrills of speed and winning, so here’s what we’ve gathered so far! In what may be their final season together, Pepe Benengeli and teammate Jean Luigi Ciocci face an uncertain future.

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