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Whatever site you’re using, it’s important that you investigate the available options and understand exactly what they mean.A hidden profile usually means it is removed from listings but the information on it remains intact should you wish to reinstate it.If you have only had one or two dates then don’t feel that you should hide or delete your profile.On the other hand, after that first date you should be pretty clear on your intentions and it’s at this point that at least hiding your profile should be a step you are looking to take.Firstly, you could remove the photographs from your profile.This sort of removes you from the interest of most people, sending a message to the person you are dating that you are hedging your bets but still displaying a strong nod towards them.The problem is that it’s difficult to keep your options open and be interested in one person at the same time.

Of course, you could copy and paste your profile text into a document on your computer just in case.

This creates a situation that can be difficult to resolve.

It is also a situation that is rarely covered by the dating sites help pages or forums.

If they always seem to be on there (although you would have to be as well, even if it is only to check up on their online status) then how can they be showing good intentions toward you?

What you should do first is educate yourself about the site itself.

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