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Fortunately, the situation is much better with Qt-based Windows applications.

For any application which uses just the functionality provided by Qt, the only required step is to recompile your Qt for Windows application with Win RT port of Qt to make it a Qt for Windows Store Application.

Qt Offers Portability from Win32 to Win RT The new API for Windows Store Applications (Win RT) is very different from the Win32 API used by the classic Windows applications.

Therefore, a developer who has created a native Windows application needs to in essence re-create the application to use the new API for Windows Store Applications.

The open-source licenses LGPLv3 and GPLv2 , as well as the commercial licenses of Qt, are compatible with Microsoft’s terms and conditions for the Windows Store.

To learn more why we want to use LGPLv3 in Qt and what it means, please check the blog post about introducing LGPLv3 license option and licensing pages.

Support for Visual Studio 2015 So far Qt for Win RT applications have been built with Visual Studio 2013, which continues to work with Windows 10.

This is supported already if you have an application in the Windows Store and Qt 5.5 will provide further improvements to smoothen glitches on resizing.Full Support for Windows 10 Coming with Qt 5.5.x As Qt 5.5.0 is scheduled to be released before Windows 10, we aim to provide full support for Windows 10 with a Qt 5.5.x patch release after Windows 10 is available.Our intention is to provide initial support for Windows 10 already with the Qt 5.5.0 release, so that users can try out Qt on Windows 10 preview versions.Could you clarify which code is actually LGPL3 [email protected]: Qt offers an option to license all modules, including Qt Base, with LGPLv3. I’m getting sick of C , but that’s not even the real problem. NET to modern C and that’s the main reason (IMO) to open source it. I say this as a former C# fan, but I am SO glad I discovered Qt, which in turn make me like C 🙂 Well, I’ve been using C for 20 years now, but many of my younger peers are just not interested in the language anymore.

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