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Ultra HD, also known as 4K, is the future of display resolution, but very little programming is offered in native 4K resolution right now.

Samsung units commonly feature the well regarded Tizen interface, making Samsung one of the best Smart TV brand options.

While there are still some question marks regarding OLED’s longevity, this type of display technology is receiving strong reviews as the best option for image quality in large screen televisions, offering deeper blacks than LED-LCD units.

And OLED doesn’t have refresh rate concerns, which may cause motion blur problems, as can occur with LCD TVs.

Samsung TVs do tend to rank poorly when it comes to energy efficiency versus the other best TV brand names on our list, but it’s still a reliable brand overall.

Sony televisions may rank just behind LG and Samsung in our best TV brand selections, but this manufacturer still offers a host of very strong models under the Bravia brand name.

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