Okcupid dating persona test types

I'm now quite wary of working with anybody who has an idea for the next big dating site.

Is the idea with Hipmunk to make it a profitable business and just grow it holistically, without an eye to acquisition? You're right, major congrats to the Ok Cupid team, and there are certainly precedents for large companies not screwing up too much with things they've bought.

But, a liquidation event can often lead to the mission being hurt.

I am sure the OKC team is proud of their work and happy with this result.

But, the HN crowd is sad to see them not going all the way so to speak.

We wanted a great at SEO/marketing, fun, and free dating site to work. I envision popup ads plastering the site, the removal of free accounts, paying to send any messages, and overall removing of anything cool about the site.

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