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For instance in Celebrity Big Brother UK this year, which featured Australian drag queen Courtney Act and British journalist and trans woman India Willoughby, the latter said she dislikes drag queens.This led to many vexed conversations about the relationship between transgender people and drag.Like cisgender people (people who do identify with the gender they were assigned at birth), transgender people can be straight, gay or bisexual.Some transgender people choose to undergo surgery and/or hormone therapy, and some do not.It is an umbrella term that covers numerous possible gender identities.Some transgender people identify as the sex “opposite” to their birth sex.The term drag is also used to describe straight men donning women’s clothing for the sake of comedy.

This show has infiltrated popular culture and raised drag’s public profile.In LGBTQ contexts, drag is used as a way to explore gender.It is often understood as a breaking down of the limitations of masculinity and femininity.For drag queens, their drag persona can be an important part of their own identity as a gay man (this does not mean they are transgender). Drag kings dress as men and take on male personas, often wearing facial hair, adopting masculine mannerisms and a deep voice.Drag shows have a lengthy history and are a lively and important part of gay culture.

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