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My brother was in an interracial relationship in college, and while my dad didn't have this harsh a reaction, he did express concern over difficulties he thought my brother might face as a result.

Maybe this is closer to what she meant than "you're dead to me"Hope your comment gets to the top. Like most people who A.) know who Nathan Lane is and B.) spend hours every day reading Wikipedia to pass the time, I knew about the quote in this TIL. With what you provided, it's like OP only giving part of the story.

And then once I got her head out of the oven, everything was fine.Nathan came out as gay after the death of Matthew Shepard.He is actively involved in organizations in support of gay rights and is devoted to his spouse of a few months."If I do this story and say I'm a gay person, it might make it easier for somebody else," Lane told the magazine. The full quote:"I told my mother I was gay, and she s..she..then her face went white, and then she said, ' I would rather you were dead'.

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