Nas dating sade

Like, 50 Cent's real name is Curtis James Jackson III. Like, what could be the name of the person that dethroned one of Mariah Carey's songs from the Billboard Hot 100 records. I figured Lil Nas X selected a few of his favorite rappers and slapped their names together.

Lil Nas X addressed the rumors that he was behind the"Nas Maraj" account in an April 2019 interview with NPR. I know even more things are being made up and they're gonna be out there.Nas has built and invested in many companies, including media publishing company , which he just dropped a new collection for.The new collection is to honor Black History Month and to empower youth in urban communities.But there is more to Nas than his apparent fine looks and spell he casts over the ladies.Nas has a quality that a lot of people in general lack today, a sense of mystery.

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